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....this is the band Reconcile, and welcome to the homepage. I will be updating this quite often, or as I see fit; giving you an opportunity to get to know me, Jason Loraas(vocalist/guitartist/) and the other boys in the band. Casey Hancock is on the drums, and Matt Komprood, STILL on the bass and keys, with Jon Roise sitting in on New Year's Eve, playing the guitar and singing.

Well, well, well.  Where do I start?  It feels like I've just begun. 38 years old and STILL doing this; this beautiful thing.  The things that keep me going? A new banner is soon to be hung behind us as we rock..compliments of Traci Adamson, artist extraordinaire.  Now, we will be able to play anywhere with a stage, or a hill to preach from.  The journey as a band leader and a parent continue with the built-in-drama that a 13 month old can easily dish out.  We are playing 10 to Midnight at the "Celebrate the Night" this year at the Alerus Arena!  Big Bizness starts the night out at 8, and we will take over at 10!. Lately I have stuggled with boxes.  Which box do we fit in?  Secular or Christian, I find: neither.  I am a Christian that writes songs, and low and behold, when I'm not dropping the Fbomb in the art form of lyrics as we know, I am considered a "Christian" musician.  I am sorry, I may not swear in my lyrics, but I do my share off stage, in traffic, or various other scenarios.  I'm just saying, if you need to put us in a box, find a new one, hell, build one out of the choicest balsa, because when an artist creates something original, it's natural to compare what we sound like to another well known, but please make sure to let us be bigger than the tiny boxes we can fit our penny loafers in.

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